Luv2Camp Glamis Trailer Rentals

Glamis RV Camping Trailers:

26 FT. RV Camping Trailer Rental

27 FT. RV Camping Travel Trailer w/ Slide

Glamis Camping Locations:

-Glamis Flats
-Washes up to 15

-Gecko Rd
-Cement Flats
-Vendors Row

Glamis Prices:

Luv2Camp Glamis will service your trailer on a daily basis to ensure your propane is full, your batteries are charged, and everything is working properly. 
26 FT.
3 days/2 nights……$398.00
4 days/3 nights……$547.00
5 days/4 nights……$696.00
6 days/5 nights……$845.00 
*add $149.00/night for each additional night after 5 nights.

$20 flat fee for Water/Sewer will be added to each reservation at our Glamis location.



Luv2Camp will deliver and setup camping travel trailers at several locations throughout Glamis, CA.  If you have any questions regarding camping at any of the Glamis, CA locations please contact us.   We thank you for camping with Luv2Camp and look forward to seeing you out on the Sand Dunes in Glamis!