Luv2Camp Pismo Beach RV Trailer Rentals

Pismo Beach RV Camping Trailer Rentals:

26 FT. RV Camping Trailer Rental

27 FT. RV Camping Travel Trailer w/ Slide

Pismo Beach Camping Locations:


Oceano Dunes
Oceano State Park
Pismo Beach North
*Lake Lopez

RV Parks

Pismo Coast Village
Pismo Sands
Pacific Ranch Dunes
Coastal Dunes

Pismo Beach Prices:

26 FT. Travel Trailer

27 FT. Travel Trailer w/ Slide Out

3 days/2 nights……$477.00 3 days/2 nights……$577.00
4 days/3 nights……$667.00  4 days/3 nights……$727.00 
5 days/4 nights……$856.00  5 days/4 nights……$927.00 
6 days/5 nights……$925.00 6 days/5 nights……$1,057.00
*add $165.00/night for each additional night after 5 nights  *add $175.00/night for each additional night after 5 nights 


Luv2Camp will deliver and setup camping travel trailers at several locations throughout Pismo Beach, CA.  If you have any questions regarding camping at any of the Pismo Beach, CA locations please contact us.   We thank you for camping with Luv2Camp and look forward to seeing you out on the Central Coast!